IRS Letter 5071C – Identity Verification – What You Need to Know

In an effort to protect taxpayers from becoming the victim of identity theft, the IRS is mailing letter 5071C to an increased number of taxpayers to confirm the information from their e-Filed tax return. If a taxpayer receives letter 5071C, they will be required to verify their identity either through the IRS secure online identity verification service, or by calling the toll-free number listed on the 5071C letter they received. Refunds will not be processed, or will be delayed if the taxpayer cannot correctly verify the information from their tax return. You can help! Educate your clients on the purpose of the letter, and encourage them to contact you for assistance should they receive one. This additional service will ………..

IRS Secure Online Identity Verification Service

In order to register and use the online service, taxpayers will need to gather the following information:

  • SSN, date of birth, filing status and mailing address from your previous year’s tax return,
  • access to your email account,
  • your personal account number from a credit card, mortgage, student loan, home equity loan, home equity line of credit or car loan, and
  • a mobile phone associated with your name
  • a copy of the 5071C letter
  • the income tax return (form 1040,1040-PR, 1040-NR, etc.) for the year shown in the 5071C letter
    • Note: A Form W-2 or 1099 is not an income tax return