IRS EFIN Tracking Number Required for e-File in 2019

In order to comply with the IRS and industry partner’s efforts to prevent fraud and tax related identity theft, TaxSlayer Pro must verify the EFIN of each professional customer. The verification process must be completed for each EFIN in order to electronically file returns in 2019.
To verify your EFIN, you must log in to your IRS e-services account to obtain the tracking number issued by the IRS. The tracking number can be found on the ESAM Application Landing Page and will be displayed on the e-file application summary. To enter the tracking number for verification with TaxSlayer Pro:
  • Sign in to your TaxSlayer Pro My Account (Account Hub)
  • Click Company Information on the left side of the screen
  • Enter the IRS tracking number in the Company Information section of the page
  • Click the Save button
Video instructions for obtaining your EFIN tracking number from your IRS e-Services account can be viewed here. Instructions can also be found in the TaxSlayer Pro Knowledgebase by searching keywords tracking number.