How to Use the Tax Refund Calculator to Help Your Clients

The TaxSlayer Pro Professional Tax Refund Calculator is a fantastic resource to help your clients understand their tax situation and to attract new potential clients with a helpful free service. 

If you aren’t utilizing it already, here are few ways it can help you during tax season. You can use the Professional Tax Refund Calculator to…

Answer client questions

If a client reaches out with questions about their tax situation, you can offer clarity and peace-of-mind by estimating what they’ll owe or receive in a refund. The refund calculator allows you to do so quickly, without needing copies of their documents uploaded into your TaxSlayer Pro software. 

Quickly determine the best filing situation for your clients

In some cases, clients may be unsure if it’s more beneficial to file jointly or separately, or whether they should itemize deductions or take the standard deduction. The refund calculator allows you to quickly run multiple filing scenarios and determine which one will result in the most benefit for your client.

Attract new clients

Offering a small, free service is an excellent way to connect with potential clients and convert them into paying customers. You can use the Professional Refund Calculator to offer free 5-10 minute appointments and estimate a taxpayer’s refund or taxes owed. Use social media, email, and other platforms to promote your “Free Tax Refund Estimates from a Tax Professional.” You can also incentive current clients to refer friends for one of these free appointments by offering small discounts for entries for a prize for each referral.

This service may be especially attractive to individuals who don’t feel comfortable using online refund calculators. (Of course, be sure to include a disclaimer that these are only estimates and actual refund or taxes owed may vary when more information is provided when they file). 

Once a former client learns that they’re likely to get a refund, they’ll be more motivated to file quickly. Capitalize on that opportunity by mentioning your tax preparation services during the appointment.

Get in touch with former clients

The same technique mentioned above can help you reconnect with former clients who haven’t returned yet to file with you this year. The client retention database in your TaxSlayer Pro software will make it easy to contact each of these clients and let them know that they can get a free refund estimate. 

Increase email open rates

The average open rate for marketing emails is around 20%. To reach or exceed that number, you need to offer value to your clients in your emails and use attention-grabbing subject lines. The refund calculator is a great tool to do just that. If you do email your contacts about the Professional Tax Refund Calculator, be sure to highlight it in the subject line with something like “FREE Tax Refund Estimate.” Be sure to include a call-to-action to book your services in the email as well.

Try out the Professional Tax Refund Calculator today to see just how fast, easy, and accurate it is!