Goodbye My Account, Hello Account Hub

We are excited to announce that soon we will be releasing a new feature of TaxSlayer – Account Hub. Account Hub will successfully replace My Account, giving you a more innovative interface for your tax office.

This new page will be more interactive than My Account, allowing you to customize the landing page to suit your specific needs. We have also made the information input screens more user-friendly and easier to navigate. In addition to the visual changes, we have also linked Client Status* and Web Reports* to Account Hub, making it easier for you to access valuable information. Everyone at TaxSlayer has been working diligently to ensure this new interface will provide you with the ultimate TaxSlayer experience.

Worried about the learning curve? We are here to help with this transition. Our support team has been learning the ins and outs of Account Hub these last few weeks and we are ready for your questions!

Here’s a quick look at what’s to come:


*Client status allows you to check the status of any client, including reject codes and Where’s My Refund.

*Web Reports is a reporting tool which allows you to quickly access any and all reporting data for your tax office(s) in one place.