Focus Your Attention on These Key Areas to Best Serve Your Clients and the Tax Industry

tax preparer smiling with clients

In a mandated mid-year report, National Taxpayer Advocate Nina E. Olson has identified 6 priority issues that IRS should address. However, 4 of these issues are also areas in which you can improve your tax preparation business on a granular level.


“Relieving the financial harm suffered by victims of tax return preparer fraud”:

The best way to combat this issue, as a tax preparer, is to maintain the honesty and integrity of your business. Additionally, provide your clients with information on fraudulent tax preparation activities.



“Conducting adequate oversight of the tax return preparer industry”

: As a tax preparer, it is your duty to remain educated and registered. Be sure that you stay abreast of CE credit opportunities and

PTIN registration deadlines




“Utilizing effective and timely collection alternatives to minimize taxpayer burden”:

Are you offering your clients a variety of ways to pay their tax liability? If not, look into ways to be sure that your clients have information about all the payment options available to them.




“Educating taxpayers about the responsibilities under the Affordable Care Act”:

In order to educate taxpayers, you must be educated as a tax preparer. Information on the Affordable Care Act is available at

 and many websites such as


free webinars

on the Affordable Care Act. Moreover, TaxSlayer Pro will be covering how the Affordable Care act will affect the tax industry and your business at our

Annual User Seminar



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