Filing Deadline Calendar Year Form 1120 – U.S. Corporate Income Tax Return

With the upcoming deadline of April 17, 2018, for C-Corporation (Form 1120) returns, this is a great time to run a business returns not accepted report, a business state returns not accepted report and a business electronic extensions not accepted report before the filing deadline. Each of these reports can identify any returns or extensions that have not yet received an acceptance acknowledgement from the IRS (or state).  The reports provide you the opportunity to catch a potential issue before the filing deadline and/or otherwise alerts you to the need to file an extension for a business entity.

To run and print these reports, from the main menu of TaxSlayer Pro select:

4 – Business > 9 – Electronic Filing Menu > 3 – Print Reports > 5 – Returns Not Accepted

At the Returns Not Accepted Menu, you will have the following three report options:

1 – Returns Not Accepted Report

3 – State Returns Not Accepted Report

5 – Electronic Extensions Not Accepted Report

Also, before submitting any business returns or extensions, please make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest Federal and State Business Updates.