Early Registration for Annual User Seminar

Early Registration for the TaxSlayer Annual User Seminar ends Monday, October 15th. You still have a chance to save nearly $70 off your registration costs!

Spaces are limited for this event, so don’t miss out! This seminar will cover many of the upcoming tax law changes, in addition to what is new for TaxSlayer this year. Check out the list of breakout sessions that are being offered. Earn CE credit for the following sessions:

  • The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – What’s Changing on the 1040
    This course covers a basic overview of the tax law changes as they will impact individual taxpayers. Topics will include tax rate changes, elimination of personal exemptions, standard vs. itemized deductions, and the Child Tax Credit.
  • The Impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on Pass-Through Entities and Their Owners
    This course will cover the items for S-Corporation owners – such as reasonable compensation, taking losses without adequate basis, and how QBI from pass-through entities will be treated on the Form 1040.
  • Security Initiatives and the Tax Office as a Target
    Tax professionals and preparers are now the top targets for cyber-attacks and security breaches. This course will cover the steps that practitioners need to take to prevent office and client information from being compromised.
  • Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – Adapting to the New Tax Provisions as a Preparer
    This course is a basic overview of the challenges that the tax law changes will present to practitioners. The course will offer ways to adapt by changing billing practices, offering ancillary products, and charging for items that will become more complex on the tax return.
  • Practitioner Due Diligence and Record Keeping Requirements for Schedule C
    This course will emphasize the fact that practitioners must advise their clients of noncompliance with the tax code; that a practitioner must inform the client of the consequences of noncompliance or omission; and that practitioners must exercise due diligence in preparing tax returns and documents relating to matters with the IRS. Particular attention will focus on Form 11652 and the record-keeping for a small business filing a Schedule C.
  • Basic Understanding of the New Qualified Business Income Deduction
    This course will center on a basic review of the QBID; a definition of Qualified Business Income; the impact on personal service businesses; and how QBID will be calculated on the 1040 – focusing on Schedule C filers.
  • ITIN Changes for 2018 and How to Serve Multicultural Clients
    This course will provide an update about ITIN filing issues and changes in the recently passed tax bill…we will address concerns about tax filing for immigrants, including for ITIN filers and individuals granted DACA…we will also attempt to correct any misinformation about ITIN renewals and tax filing for immigrants.

In addition to the sessions above, the following informational sessions (no CE credit) will also be offered:

  • The Future of Tax Preparation: Getting to Know ProWeb
  • Marketing Strategies to Generate Revenue

For more information or to register, please contact your sales representative at 1-888-420-1040!