Does Restarting Your Computer Really Fix All?

Are you experiencing any of these issues?

  • My program won’t launch
  • My computer is running too slowly
  • Everything on my computer keeps freezing
  • I keep getting error messages
  • My internet browsers won’t load

If you’re noticing any of these issues on your computer, there is something you can do before you call support: restart your computer. While this seems too simple, many times this will correct the issues you’re experiencing. Restarting your computer can help remove temporary data that may be slowing down your computer. It also can fix your internet connection, increase your computer’s performance, and fix any glitches you’ve been noticing. Most importantly, it can decrease your chances of memory loss. If you go too long without restarting your computer, you run the risk of the program not saving correctly. This means you can spend hours on a return only to lose the work. We encourage all of our tax professionals to restart their computers once every couple weeks, with the exception of needed updates, to keep their computers working efficiently.