Customer Spotlight: Ronald DeRamus

Ronald DeRamus
Hope Tax Service
Birmingham, AL

I started my Tax business in 1994 and purchased TaxSlayer Pro software for my provider. I‘d worked for different tax businesses in previous years; however I was limited in my knowledge about running my own tax business. The staff at TaxSlayer Pro helped me with choosing the right equipment for my office, a bank for offering tax products, and excellent customer support. I was pleasantly surprised at how well I was treated since my first year, I only had 50 clients.

During the following years as I continued to build my business, I would explore what other software companies were offering and TaxSlayer Pro continued to be my choice. There is no other company for me in the future but TaxSlayer Pro. I absolutely love TaxSlayer Pro. The software is very user friendly. It’s fast, always updated, and good for personal or business taxes. I like that it includes all states, bookkeeping and payroll components and so much more.

Another reason I love TaxSlayer Pro is because of the owners and associates that I have had the pleasure to meet at the IRS forums and the TaxSlayer Pro seminars and training. They are beautiful people with genuine concern for the success of their business partners. One particular associate that I must mention is Lillie Morris that shared information with me to help grow my business. I now have 7 locations and plan to continue to grow with TaxSlayer Pro.