Customer Spotlight: James C Pearce

James C Pearce
Cataula, GA

I began my tax career in 1973 as an Internal Revenue Service agent in filed audit. In January, 1994, I retired from the IRS as an Examination Manager and opened a tax practice in Cataula, GA. I have a thriving tax practice which has developed over the years. Most of my business comes from referrals. I work year round with monthly accounting, write-up, and IRS representation. I also offer payroll services.

My first tax software was RCS (Rhodes Computer Service), the forerunner of TaxSlayer Pro. That first year, the program consisted of the 1040 program and two states. Over the years, I have watched TaxSlayer Pro grow to include not only the 1040 program, but also a business package and all states program. TaxSlayer Pro is the only tax software I’ve ever used and needless to say, I’m very happy with the program.

TaxSlayer Pro’s technical support is the best. I love being able to speak to a live representative year round. It is reassuring to have my phone calls returned promptly.

After seventeen years with TaxSlayer Pro, all I can say is “it just gets better each year”!