Common 1040 Rejects – The Year of the 'PrimarySignatureDt' in the Return Header must be equal to the Processing Year

This common e-file reject occurs when a tax return was completed in a prior year (such as 2017) but was not e-filed until the current year (2018). Typically this occurs when the return was not filed during the year it was completed due to some client related reason such as non-payment for the return or a lack of client approval after completion of the return. Once the reason for the delay has been resolved, the return is then transmitted in a subsequent processing year. However, when the return is transmitted, the Form 8879 on the return is still dated as if the return had been completed and signed in a previous year.

This reject can be easily fixed by completing a new Form 8879 that has the current processing year date. To correct this issue, the taxpayer should sign a new Form 8879 containing the current date. The entry of this corrected Form 8879 is done from the main menu of the return by selecting Mark Return Electronic > Signature Authorization – 8879 > Signature Date where the corrected date which is in the current processing year should be entered.