Common 1040 Rejects – Signature Date on Prior Year Returns (IND-689-01)


Have you seen this reject?
IND-689-01 – The year of the ‘PrimarySignatureDt’ in the Return Header must be equal to the processing year.

If you completed a tax return for a client last year but will not electronically file it until this year, make sure to check the signature date on Form 8879. Oftentimes this is overlooked by tax preparers and the return gets transmitted with last year’s date. This is one of the most common rejects when filing a prior year return and it’s very simple to fix! If you see this reject it means your client’s tax return has a signature on the 8879 that is still for the prior year. The year printed on the 8879 has to match the year in which the return was actually filed.

So how do you fix this? It’s very easy-

  1. From inside the prior year return, go to Mark Return Electronic 
  2. Select Signature Authorization (8879) 
  3. Change the signature date to the current year

Once you’ve completed this, you can transmit the return again to the IRS!

If you don’t want to change the date, the return must be mailed.

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