Choosing a Printer for use with TaxSlayer Pro

Oops! The printer that you use for TaxSlayer Pro just died after a long and productive life. Time to find a replacement. What should you be looking for?

TaxSlayer Pro prints all documents in monochrome (black and white). So, you only need to be looking at monochrome laser printers. Why a laser printer? Why not an inkjet? The simplest answer is that the output of a laser printers usually offers the best speed and quality. An added benefit is the print is waterproof. Inkjet printers are great for general use, but for tax documents it is simply better to use a laser printer. Especially now that the price of laser printers has dropped so dramatically.

Brand is not important when choosing a new printer. What is most important is that the printer should be HP LaserJet compatible (most are) and are there drivers for your operating system.

Networking is a nice feature available now on many laser printers. However, you want one with a wired network connection rather than a wireless one. The same arguments against using wireless networking with your computers applies to your printers.

Duplexing is the ability of the printer to print on both sides of a page. Again, this is a nice feature, but TaxSlayer Pro does not use it.

The speed of the printer is something everyone can agree on. Faster is always better! For a printer that will be used by a single preparer look for a minimum print speed of 20-30 ppm (pages per minute). 40+ ppm would be a good speed for a printer used by a group of preparers.

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