Bank Products Offer Advanced Refunds for Taxpayers

This filing season, TaxSlayer Pro has partnered with several banks to offer bank products for taxpayers. With delayed IRS refunds, bank products are a win for the taxpayer as well as the tax preparer.Bank products can be a tremendous benefit to the taxpayer, if he/she is facing a financial emergency or doesn’t want to wait 7 – 21 days for their return. By applying for a Refund Advance Bank Product, taxpayers could receive a portion of their refund within 24 hours.As for the tax professional, bank products can essentially increase your value in the marketplace. In other words, this added benefit can result in increased business, help you stay above the competition and keep current customers happy. If you have applied and been approved for an advance product, you can offer these products to your customers immediately. If you have not applied, TaxSlayer Pro recommends doing so as soon as possible. Most of this can be done by completing the bank application in My Account and then contacting the bank to finalize the application process.TaxSlayer Pro clients can choose from one of the following bank partners:

  • Refund Advantage
  • Republic
  • River City
  • Santa Barbara Tax Products Group

Each bank supported by TaxSlayer Pro offers a refund advance product however each program differs. Not all tax professionals will qualify.