2018 PTIN – Renew or Apply by December 31, 2017

The IRS is reminding federal tax preparers that they must renew their Preparer Tax Identification Numbers (PTIN) that expire December 31, 2017. Any person that prepares or helps prepare any federal tax return or claim for refund for compensation must have a valid 2018 PTIN issued by the IRS. This PTIN must be used on all returns prepared by the tax preparer, and the failure to use a valid PTIN can result in penalties.

Unlike prior years, the IRS is no longer permitted to charge a fee to obtain or renew a PTIN; therefore it will not cost a preparer to either renew or apply for a 2018 PTIN.

If you have 2017 PTIN, the renewal process takes a few moment and can be accomplished online. If you do not have a 2017 PTIN, the application for a PTIN can be submitted online. If you elect to apply for a PTIN by mail, the application and renewal process can take several weeks to process. You can renew or apply for a PTIN at the following PTIN Renewal or Application.