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A tax prep business owner offers employees internal training

Employee Training Guide for Tax Preparers

No matter how many employees you have, your tax practice can benefit from timely internal training. The advantages of internal training include increased efficiency, less stress and confusion for your staff, and a more positive work environment.  Here are common internal training topics that can help you run your practice and manage your employees…

Tax preparers may need different types of insurance, depending on their circumstances

Tax Preparer Business Insurance Checklist

The following article was written by The Editorial Staff at CyberPolicy and contributed for use on the TaxSlayer Pro blog. Many tax preparers are surprised by the liability exposure that the industry faces. Lawsuit and litigation are very real threats to tax preparers; a single claim has the potential to fold a business. Fortunately, there are many options…

A group of professional tax preparers attend a forum

The Tax Preparer’s Guide to Continuing Education Credits

Continuing education credits are vital for renewing your tax certifications and staying up to date on the latest tax laws. In this guide, we’re answering the most frequently asked questions about continuing education for tax professionals. Do all tax preparers need continuing education credits? Most credentialed tax preparers need some form of continuing…