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Email phishing schemes increasing this tax season

E-mail phishing schemes targeting taxpayers and tax professionals have risen sharply this filing season leading the IRS to alert consumers to practice caution with emails containing links. Phishing and malware incidents have risen about 400 percent so far this tax season, according to the IRS. Phishing emails trick taxpayers into thinking they have received…
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Know deadlines and counties affected by IRS disaster relief

Each year, some taxpayers affected by severe storms and disasters are given extra time to meet tax filing deadlines. Damage assessments by FEMA help the IRS determine states and counties that receive tax relief. Typically, new deadlines are announced throughout the year as disaster declarations are made. In January, many Missouri and Mississippi counties…
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IRS advises that taxpayer notices with IP PIN list incorrect year

Tax professionals and taxpayers were advised by the IRS this week that a notice sent to taxpayers with Identity Protection PINs listed an incorrect year. The IP PIN listed on the CP 01A notice is valid for use on all individual tax returns filed in 2016. Due to an error, the notice incorrectly indicates the IP PIN issued is to be used for filing the 2014 tax return…