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Bank Products Offer Advanced Refunds for Taxpayers

Bank products can be a tremendous benefit to the taxpayer, especially if he/she is facing a financial emergency or doesn’t want to wait 7 - 21 days for their return. By applying for a Refund Advance Bank Product, taxpayers could receive a portion of their refund within 24 hours. [More]

Bank Products 101

Did you know that offering bank products in your tax office can benefit your customers and also help expand your business? As a valued client of TaxSlayer Pro, you have access to this service at no charge to you! Bank products are not what they used to be. Here, you will find the most common questions and answers about bank products. [More]

Bank Products Can Give You a Competitive Advantage

Did you know that providing you clients with a bank product option could allow them to get their refund faster and expand your business? Tax refund related bank products are financial products that facilitate fee payment for your clients who are expecting a federal tax refund. Bank products allow your customer to pay for your services out of their anticipated refunds instead of paying out-of-pocket. [More]

Did You Know About the IRS Video Portal?

The IRS offers a video portal so that tax preparers may view videos on various tax topics, view webinars, and panel discussions from reputable industry sources. The videos are a great tool to keep up with current trends and refresh your current knowledgebase. Remember that your clients view you as an expert; therefore, it is important that you stay abreast of the information being provided through the IRS Video Portal. [More]