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EITC tax returns prompt IRS letters to tax preparers

 Tax preparers who submitted incorrect or highly questionable Earned Income Tax Credit, or EITC, tax returns for their clients for the 2014 tax year might have received letters from the IRS in recent weeks. The EITC Due Diligence letters were sent for information purposes only, according to the IRS. But, they will continue to monitor those tax preparers…
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Preparers must know laws, regulations for safeguarding taxpayer data

TaxSlayer Pro tax preparers must be aware of laws and regulations to protect taxpayer data from identity theft. The federal, state, city and local mandates are just as important to know as are the practical steps for safeguarding personally identifiable information and reporting security breaches. A brief overview of the federal laws can be found below.…
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Know when and how to report taxpayer information security breaches

  For TaxSlayer Pro tax preparers, access to taxpayers’ personal information such as Social Security numbers and income statements makes it crucial to know the appropriate methods for reporting security breaches. Every step should be taken to safeguard information and protect customers from identity theft. In the unfortunate event that personal…