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Social Media 101: Resources for You

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about using some of your summer vacation to get your social media accounts in order. Taking on social media can be a daunting task. Have no fear! We have a simple guide to let you know what some popular social media platforms are used for— and more importantly— how they can be of use to you. [More]

Did You Know About the IRS Video Portal?

The IRS offers a video portal so that tax preparers may view videos on various tax topics, view webinars, and panel discussions from reputable industry sources. The videos are a great tool to keep up with current trends and refresh your current knowledgebase. Remember that your clients view you as an expert; therefore, it is important that you stay abreast of the information being provided through the IRS Video Portal. [More]

Tax Preparers- Build Your Business Credibility and Trust With a Website

The tax preparation industry is founded on the collection and exchange of sensitive information. Essentially a consumer trusts the tax preparer with the most intimate details of his or her life. It is not surprising that consumers are becoming much more worried about fraud occurring during the exchange. The IRS ranked tax preparer fraud 3rd on the list of the top 12 tax scams. With this kind of data circulating, how can you ease the minds of your clients and boost overall credibility and trust? The answer is surprisingly simple — a website. There are 4 website components that help to boost your business credibility and trust.


Jump Out of the Off Season Slump and Jump On to Social Media

Tax season is over; you have turned off the lights, and placed the closed sign on the door. Your customers will not see you again until January— that is if they come back. While you are away in the off season, someone else is talking to your customers through social media. They are sending them money savings tips via e-mail. They are providing summer tax tips on twitter. They are exposing the latest celebrities to get busted for tax evasion via blog posts on Tumblr. They’re even posting contagiously hilarious pictures of cats on Facebook— everyone loves a good cat meme.