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Jump Out of the Off Season Slump and Jump On to Social Media

Tax season is over; you have turned off the lights, and placed the closed sign on the door. Your customers will not see you again until January— that is if they come back. While you are away in the off season, someone else is talking to your customers through social media. They are sending them money savings tips via e-mail. They are providing summer tax tips on twitter. They are exposing the latest celebrities to get busted for tax evasion via blog posts on Tumblr. They’re even posting contagiously hilarious pictures of cats on Facebook— everyone loves a good cat meme.


How to Help Your Clients With the Tax Ramifications Of Selling Their Home in 2012

Many homeowners that are selling their home have no idea what tax ramifications exist. As a tax professional, this is where you can come into play. You can help your clients consider what the tax consequences of selling their home would be. In the end, if it turns out that they will owe a large amou... [More]

Common IRS Error Reject Codes and Suggested Solutions

As a tax preparer, you may encounter an Error Reject Code from the IRS when filing your client’s federal tax return. Below, we have listed some of the most common IRS Error Reject Codes and suggested solutions, so that you can understand what each code means and how to deal with them.   ... [More]