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Five Easy Ways to Spot a Scam Phone Call

The IRS continues to warn the public to be alert for telephone scams and offers five tell-tale warning signs to tip you off if you get such a call. These callers claim to be with the IRS. The scammers often demand money to pay taxes. Some may try to con you by saying that you’re due a refund. The refund is a fake lure so you’ll give them your banking or other private financial information. [More]

Attention: IRS Phone Scam

Attention Tax Preparers: Let you clients know taxpayers should be wary of an IRS phone scam recently discovered. These scammers are calling innocent taxpayers, often immigrants and elderly, and impersonating IRS agents demanding that they pay unowed taxes over the phone. They are requesting payment immediately by loading money on a prepaid card or via a wire transfer. The victims are threatened with arrest, deportation and even license suspension if they do not comply. [More]