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Pre-Tax Season Checklist Series – Computer Maintenance

Preparing for tax season can be stress-free when you start early and follow an organized plan. We’ve taken care of the latter for you with our Pre-Tax Season Checklist series. Once you’ve checked off IRS, state, and bank requirements, it’s time to tackle computer and tech maintenance. From updating your antivirus software to setting up […]

Pre-Tax Season Checklist Series – Bank and Ancillary Products

We’ve launched our pre-tax season checklist series to help you prepare early and feel ready when clients start arriving this tax season. Additional articles in this series include Computer Networking and Resources, Tax Software Setup, and IRS, State and Bank Requirements.  This section of the list takes a deep dive into getting set up with tax refund settlement […]

Tax Preparer Ethics 

As you likely already know, the tax preparation profession is not heavily regulated and has very little barrier to entry. This makes it an excellent career choice for those who are committed to learning tax laws and best practices of the industry, allowing them to start their tax preparation business without years of college coursework. […]