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Category: Configuration

Entering MACROs / Pulling Prior Year MACROs

Using MACROs will save you keystrokes when entering tax returns by automatically filling in certain fields.  Once MACROs are entered into the program, they will pull forward into next year's program.  The following options are for the most common MACRO entries in the program.  Entering these items in the program will save keystrokes as well as prevent typographical errors in data entry.

• W-2 Employers/1099R Payers• Interest/Dividend Payers
• K-1 Entities• Charitable Organizations
• Child Care Providers• Banks

If you need to add or edit MACROs, from the Main Menu of TaxSlayer Pro select:
  • Configuration
  • Advanced Configuration (Macros)
  • MACRO (Most Common) Setup

If you did not pull forward prior year MACROs during your initial configuration click here.

Select the links below to show/hide additional information:

Primary and Alternate State & Area Code
Default State on W-2(s) and 1099-R(s)
Print MACRO's
Phone Descriptions
State Locality Menu